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BYOD in 2020

What do I need to do?

All students are encouraged to participate in the BYOD program. To do this, they first need to download and sign the BYOD agreement, then bring it and their laptop to the Resource Centre (Library) to have it connected to the school network.

What year levels are involved?

In 2019 we commenced delivering year 7 lessons through the Learning Place online platform. In 2020 we'll continue this with our incoming year 7 students. Across all year levels and classes, there will be an increasing amount of online learning to enhance traditional classroom lesson delivery. For this reason it is becoming necessary for your daughter/son to bring their own laptop to school, every day.

The new QCE - Year 11

The new QCE senior program (year 11 and 12) is very demanding and we strongly recommend that senior students join the BYOD program. This will set them up to complete their studies with a distinct advantage.

Practical classes

Classes that involve practical tasks, including Industrial Design and Technology, Hospitality, Health and Physical Education and Art, will from time to time require students to engage in tasks that will not involve use of their laptop. However, students will need their laptop for a combination of theory work, report writing, research and assessment in all subjects.

What are teachers doing?

Our teachers are engaging with a range of technological tools to assist students with their learning, such as in Health and Physical Education students are recording their performance in a variety of settings to later analyse using motion analysis software. Industrial Design and Technology and STEM teachers are using a range of software, such as computer aided drafting (CAD) and 3D modelling programs, to improve productivity and enhance learning.

What about traditional learning styles?

We will maintain a balance in learning styles with kinaesthetic learning remaining an important part of our overall program. Practical, physical and experiential activities are important components of a well-rounded education.

Students won't be using their device in every class. There will be times when it's more appropriate to use other methods of learning. For specific details about this, please contact your child's teacher directly. If you don't know the teacher's email address or phone number contact our office and we'll put you in touch with the right staff member.