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Rules and policies

Gympie State High School is committed to providing a safe, respectful and disciplined learning environment for students and staff. 

To support this commitment, our school has a number of policies which apply to students, staff and the wider community.

Behaviour Management

Our Positive Behaviour Matrix is based on the School Code of Behaviour.

We have a comprehensive Behaviour Management policy, below is a snap shot of the class process.

Cooling Off Process
“Cooling Off” is where, a student is sent to a “Buddy Class” due to disrupting the learning
of others in the class.
 Sending student out  
 of class  Ø
Student / Teacher Ø   
     negotiation for
     RE-ENTRY to
·          Teacher gives student a “Cooling Off - Blue Slip”
·          Student is directed to go to the “Buddy Class “the teacher has arranged, with their Cooling Off slip, a Working It Out Form and class work.
·          Student completes first half of Working It Out Form and class work.
·          In the LAST Few MINUTES of “Buddy Class” supervision, the student is to return to their class and WAIT to resolve re-entry conditions using the Working It Out form with their teacher and complete a detention issued by their teacher
·          Teacher will record cooling off  in one school and contact parent /guardian
     TEACHER will notify HOD if student cannot resolve issue or if issue continues
If Student is continuously DISRUPTIVE or REFUSES to work out the incident with teacher then
·          HOY contacted – possible lunch time detentions/internal suspension
·          Admin contacted - Possible SUSPENSION


Our school recognises that just 'tagging along' can make you responsible for what others do. This is recognised in our plan.

Information and Communication Technologies 

The expectations for students using the internet and school network are describes in the table below.
Students are expected to use computers and all ICT’s in a responsible manner. 
The following are UNACCEPTABLE USES computers & other ICT’s whilst at school:
§  accessing INAPPROPRIATE sites – obscene, pornographic, violent and other sites as determined by the Principal or Information Technology Committee
§  HARASSMENT e.g. : posting of offensive material
§  INVASION of PRIVACY – no user may have access to another person’s files or information
§  using another student’s account
§  allowing another student to use their account
§  giving your password to another student
§  VANDALISM – deliberate attempts to damage software, hardware or information
For first time and/or minor offences e.g. being off task
§  In-class discipline by the classroom teacher, including classroom / lunchtime detentions
For repeated (2 or more times) and/or medium level offences  e.g. repeated playing of games
§  Loss of computer and Internet access for 24 hours with all teachers notified by HOD ICT / eLearning
For ongoing (3 or more times) and/or high level offences  e.g. damage to school ICT equipment
§  Loss of computer and Internet access for 1 school week with all teachers notified by HOD ICT / eLearning
§  Letter sent to parents and interview required before re-enabling computer access


The Parents' and Citizens' Association and the school support the wearing of the school uniform, which is outlined in the school's 2016 Uniform Policy.

Senior schooling

The compulsory participation phase of schooling is discussed in the Senior Schooling Policy.

If you cannot access any of these documents please contact us at the school office and we will provide a copy for you.  

 Phone: 54898333